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Semprot Baru
10 Aug 2014
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You were my smile
You were my sunshine
You were my world
Now, I hate the fact that I didn't break you up long time ago
I hate the fact that I begin to hate myself as I grow to ignore you
You were part of me

Now I am tired, brain fog camps in my head
Now I am tired, my legs become hard to move
Noe I am tired, I want to sleep...
And not to wake up tomorrow...

Where does this start to go wrong?
What did I do to you?
You said I am a selfish person.
When I ask you, which part is it?
You became quiet. You won't answer...

What are your wishes that I don't try to fulfill?!?!?
To ask to marry you this year? Check
Wedding in Catedral? Check
Wedding with guests? Check

I know I can't fullfil all of of your dreams and desires..
I know I lack of fund to fullfil that.

Why you always mad, when a branch blocks your way
Why you always mad, when the world doesn't revolves around you.
Why you always mad, when a nudge is happening......

I only ask you to finish your medication, and you even didn't do that...

Now, i am just tired
I want to sleep
And not to wake up again
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